Why School of Communications?

In 2013, Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar evolved into Xavier University, a Jesuit-driven mission to establish a media driven Institution in Odisha and lead to the foundation of School of Communications, XIM University in 2015.

The School of Communications (SCOMM) is ranked as the No. 1 Media Institute in the state of Odisha also making it the Best in Eastern India. Since the past years, we have been proudly cracking the rank of being the 6th Best Media Institute across the Nation as well.

Interested in diving into mass media or carving your niche, from PR mavens to digital marketing gurus our program equips you for media’s ever-evolving realm. Boasting cutting-edge facilities including a professional studio and modern tech, we ensure students master the tools crucial in today’s media setup across industries. We cultivate an atmosphere where ideas meet innovation. Our alumni thrive across diverse sectors, spanning from Production houses and Ad agencies to Corporate and PR firms, proudly embracing the title of being an SCOMMitte.

Why choose being a media student?

It’s the only field where you can turn your passion for binge-watching Netflix into a legitimate career path. In a world where attention spans are shorter than a reel, media professionals are the enchanters who can captivate, inform, and inspire in the blink of an eye.

Ready to make waves in a sea of monotony? Dive into the one of the Best Media Institute of Nation and watch your aspirations soar!

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So, let’s flip the script and celebrate the storytellers, the visual wizards, and the narrative maestros who dare to make waves in the ever-evolving world of media.

After all, who needs stethoscopes and circuit boards when you’ve got cameras, keyboards, and boundless imagination?

25+ career opportunities a degree from School of Communications, XIM University can offer

8+ potential pathways that demand a media graduate

“Enabling people to live extraordinary lives, and be the light of the world”


“Communication Education in the Spirit of Magis




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Step into the spotlight at School of Communications, XIM University where our top-notch faculties and enriching programme will enable you to script your media dreams into a reality!