XILUR 2022

The School of Communications at XIM University recently held its orientation programme, XILUR, for its new undergraduate and postgraduate students. Dr. V. Vijay Kumar, the Dean, delivered a comprehensive presentation on the School’s Manual of Policies and other important practices followed by the School and the University.

After the presentation, the freshers were briefed separately on the undergraduate and postgraduate levels about placement and internship opportunities, as well as their potential roles in various institutional committees for co-curricular participation.

To provide students with a first-hand experience of their course expectations, XILUR dedicated two sessions to seminars by esteemed industry experts. Mr Samrat Mukherjee, Founder and CEO of Crow’s Nest (Now Madison Digital), delivered the keynote speech on ‘The Impact of Digitalization on Advertising and Communications.’ He discussed the evolving medium of advertising, new-age consumerism, and the process of segmentation and targeting based on advanced technology and Artificial Intelligence.

The second session’s keynote speaker was Mr Sugata Roy, Head of the Social and Behavior Change Programme at UNICEF, Odisha, who spoke on the theme “Development Communication as an Advocate for Positive Change.” He emphasized the importance of serving society and engaging in community service and explained the nuances of crisis management guidelines and rural communication campaigns based on digitization and behavioral or perception change among village communities.

Overall, XILUR 2022 was a resounding success, emphasizing the need to bridge the gap between academic learnings and industry inputs to equip all students at the School of Communications to become informed, ethical, and passionate media professionals of tomorrow.

XILUR 2021

The School of Communications hosted XILUR 2021, an online orientation program for the new batch of 2021-2023 PG students. The event provided an introduction to XILUR, followed by a welcome address from the Dean, Dr. V. Vijay Kumar. He provided an overview of the M.A Mass Communication Program, including the Manual of Policies, Faculty, and Courses.

The keynote address was delivered by Mr. Rupam Borah, a Creative Strategy Consultant and Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Virus, Oneify & La Belle Vie (Multidisciplinary Design Firms) and former Executive Creative Director at Leo Burnett & Ogilvy. The session was attended by M.A 1st and 2nd year students, and Mr. Borah discussed career opportunities in the field of Advertising and Marketing. He also explored how brands and marketers are adapting to the “new normal” and designing their communication appeals to connect with consumers. He emphasized the importance of studying consumer behavior for advertising and marketing professionals.

The students were briefed on internship programs and industry interaction opportunities during a Career Advisory Services briefing, under the guidance of Prof. Arpita Saha, Faculty Coordinator of Career Advisory Services, School of Communications. Overall, XILUR 2021 provided an informative and engaging start for the new batch of master’s students, equipping them with essential knowledge and insights to succeed in the dynamic field of communication.